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What does the monthly subscription cover?

A website is the most powerful marketing asset in the modern internet age, so we do more than the common practice of just 'building a website once and letting it slowly die'.  

We regularly keep your emails and website maintained with performance updates, security scans, and progressive SEO to attract new clients and customers. Smaller businesses often don't have the resources that come with a full-time website administrator, so this allows your website marketing to be continuously optimized without needing to add another full salary to the books. 

What type of websites do you service?

We specialize in static-page websites for consulting services covering industries such as financial, architecture, body wellness, and technology to name a few. 

We do not create or maintain any web apps or e-commerce websites at this time.

How fast will I receive my website package?

After receiving all necessary content, our standard & supreme website packages have an average turn around time of 4-6 weeks and our starter website package has an average turn around time of only 2-3 weeks. We'll keep you updated every step of the way so that there are no surprises.

What if I don't like the design?

No problem at all. We will continue to revise the website until you're 100% satisfied before it is launched.

How much information is included on one page?

In addition to a header and footer area, each page can have a maximum of 5 viewing sections. This prevents extensive scrolling for the visitor while providing high quality content organization.

What if I need changes AFTER the website is completed?

All of our plans include unlimited edit requests. So if you need to adjust some wording or have a new image that needs to be replaced, you have nothing to worry about. For more extensive changes, there may be development charge.

How long will it take for any edits on the website to be completed?

Any edits requested after being launched will be adjusted on the website within 2-3 business days. 

Are your websites able to be transferred out ?

Transferring our code or design is strictly prohibited. We do not include duplication of intellectual property for reuse elsewhere. 

Are there any types of websites that you do not service?

We do not create or maintain any web apps or e-commerce websites at this time.

The Brands of Highlands, aka "TBoH" (tee ) brings a full service website development and administration solution to consulting businesses.

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